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Stay home if you can until damage assessed, Homeland Security says

By Paula Tracy - InDepthNH | Jul 17, 2023

Beech Street in Manchester on Sunday. (Photo by JEFFREY HASTINGS)

ALTON – State Homeland Security officials were urging people to stay off the roads Sunday evening as statewide damage was being assessed from more than five inches of rain.

Vacationers and those attending the NASCAR race in Loudon were also urged to pay attention to weather alerts and to stay put with state and local roads undermined and water levels in rivers and streams still rising and not expected to crest until Monday.

Vanessa Palange, community outreach coordinator for the New Hampshire Division of Homeland Security said at 5 p.m. “we are still receiving flood advisories. The weather has gotten less severe but it’s not over.”

Another rescue was reported in Manchester.

Other areas of concern were also in the Belknap-Carroll County areas for the Ossipee River which was keeping first responders on alert.

There were no reports of major injuries from the almost statewide flood alert after a week of repeated torrential rain events.

Four brief tornado warnings were issued Sunday morning.

Palange said the day began with reports of problems in Grafton, Carroll and Coos counties at 7:19 a.m. and then in Hillsborough County at 7:30 a.m. with Manchester getting hit fairly hard.

“There were reports of damage in the communities of Hillsboro, Hinsdale, Franklin, Madison, Deerfield and Gilmanton and then Alton was particularly hard hit.

“We are still assessing,” damage to infrastructure and she urged those who could stay home to do so.

Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig said on Twitter: “Manchester has a number of roadways that remain closed. The City’s Public Works Department continues to assess roadway damage, but may not be able to fully assess some roads until floodwaters recede. Residents, please continue to follow guidelines from experts.”

NASCAR and NH International Speedway officials decided to postpone the race scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Sunday until Monday.

The Southwest corner of the state, hit hard last week by the previous rains, continued to deal with the rain. Sunday.


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