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Quilter, volunteering with cancer patients, in need of fabric

By Chris Graham - Chris' Mailbag | Oct 22, 2022

Chris Graham

Quilting dates as far back as the first century AD, according to Grove’s Dictionary of Art, and is often categorized as a craft for practical purposes as well as an art form for display, however, quilting as a therapy in cancer care is a relatively new concept. Quilting craft therapy works as a diversion from anxiety, helps patients manage emotions, increase selt-esteeem, and promotes healing of mind and spirit in a creative group setting. A local quilter devoting many hours to helping folks battling cancer hopes Mailbag readers can supply much needed supplies.


Needs fabric to improve fabric of lives

“Is the Mailbag back? It was gone for so long. I am in desperate need of fabric and batting to use with my cancer patients” writes Sandy L. of Hudson, longtime Mailbag reader. “We make lap quilts, pot holders and placemats. I have totally run out of fabric and fear I will no longer be able to work with them any longer. For the past three years other than some small donations I have been buying the fabric they use during chemo but can no longer afford it. I would be glad to pick up any donations.” With a little over 1.9 million new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in the United States in 2022 (American Cancer Society (ACS) Facts & Figures report), the need for folks in areas from clinical to creative, dedicated to caring and healing, is growing as well. Anyone with fabric and/or batting to help Sandy with her quilting group can reach her at 603-377-1213. Anything related to quilting such as mats, cutters, etc. would be appreciated as well. Sandy, please let me know how things are going. ‘Updates’ show the Mailbag works!


Attention crafters!

“I am writing to you in hopes that you can help me” writes Gail M of Amherst. “My mom recently passed away and she was quite a crafter and she has left behind a lot of material. There are strips of material, lots of assorted fabric, pocket cutouts, heart cutouts, etc., etc., all nice and clean. I am hoping to find someone who could make use of these things.” More than 3,000 individuals, agencies, and organizations have contacted Chris’ Mailbag over the years connecting people giving and receiving who otherwise likely would never have met. Perhaps there will be a ‘connection’ in this very column! Interested parties can reach out to Gail via email at: jericn@myfairpoint.net.


‘Pet needs’ at Lucky Dog

“The Lucky Dog Resale Thrift Shop in Nashua is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, part of the nonprofit ‘Tails To Freedom’ vision, and all donations are tax-deductible. Lucky Dog also provides financial assistance for pet spay/neuter surgeries and hardship emergency veterinarian bills. “At the present time we are really in need of a canister vacuum cleaner and a Hoky” says shop owner Kat R. of Nashua. “It’s a large store on two levels with lots of foot traffic, and a vacuum is a necessity for keeping us clean and tidy. A Hoky floor sweeper ‘picks up’ throughout the business day near the front door. Also needed are Canon Ink Cartridges: 250 [PGBK][XL], 251 [BK, C,M, Y] – or Color Laser Printer. Bags of dog food, AA and AAA batteries, and postage stamps are always needed and welcome. The Lucky Dog Thrift Shop is located at 23 Elm Street in Nashua can be reached at 882-3647 (882-DOGS).

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