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Preparing lunches at home

Dear Heloise: About eight months ago, my husband and I decided that we spent too much on lunch every day. With the rising costs of dining out, it was now making a sizable dent in our budget. I consulted your book "Heloise From A to Z" and got a lot of ideas on how to make our lunches healthier ...

Divorcee best friend Is on the rebound — and making a fool of herself

Dear Annie: My best friend is 58 years old and recently divorced. She spent the last four years grieving terribly over her lost family life in an affluent neighborhood and is finally onto the next chapter of her life. Suddenly, she's dressing to the nines to come to a simple picnic at our ...

Dr. Roach details the best way to prolong life and health

DEAR DR. ROACH: If you would recommend one good thing to do in your life to prolong your life and have good health, what would it be? By the same token, if you were to recommend not doing something because it is very bad for you, and there is no health benefit to it, what would that be? -- ...

Opening a jar with ease

Dear Heloise: Here's my tip to open jars. Tap an ice pick or small nail onto the lid of the jar, making a small hole in the lid, which thereby releases the pressure after vacuum-sealing. Then open jar with ease. -- Todd Tanner, Oxnard, California RUBBER SPATULAS Dear Readers: If your rubber ...